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Generator repairs

12 Common Generator Repairs You Must Know

Electricity is everything and without it, most of your appliances won’t work — you will be stranded till when it’s fixed. That’s why generators are there to provide you with reliable power sources to help save the day during unexpected power outages or in off-grid situations.  However, like any other mechanical device, generators can experience

How to use a generator with a travel trailer,

How to Use a Generator with a Travel Trailer?

Do you have a travel trailer but don’t know how to use a generator with it? You tried using it but the generator doesn’t seem to work well with the travel trailer. One thing about travel trailers is that they offer a great way to experience the outdoors and enjoy a stress-free life, but sometimes

Onan Generator Wont Start

Onan Generator Won’t Start? Causes and How to Fix It

Imagine being in the middle of a camping trip or experiencing a power outage at home, and you desperately need your trusty Onan generator to kick into action. However, much to your dismay, it refuses to start. This can be frustrating and confusing. Onan generators refusing not to start may be due to various reasons,

Onan generator starter problems

How to Troubleshoot Onan Generator Starter Problems

Have you been trying to start your Onan generator, but it’s not starting? You have tried diagnosing the issue but cannot find the actual cause. Onan generator starter problems refer to issues that prevent the starter from effectively initiating the engine’s rotation, leading to difficulties in starting the generator.  Onan generator starter problems are mostly

what causes generator overcrank

What Causes Generator Overcrank and How to Fix It 

When your generator overcrank, it refers to the situation where the generator’s engine cranks or rotates excessively without successfully starting or running for a long period.  This is caused by a lot of issues especially when the generator’s starting system fails to initiate the combustion process and the engine cannot reach its normal operating speed. 

How to Fix Generator Overspeed

How to Fix Generator Overspeed in 4 Simple Ways

As a generator mechanic with years of experience working on both diesel and gasoline generators, I have seen my fair share of overspeed issues.  Generator Overspeed is a common problem that can cause significant damage to the engine if left unresolved.  So you shouldn’t wait for it to damage your generator before you fix it. 

How to Reset Yellow Light on Generac Generator

How to Reset Yellow Light on Generac Generator

Imagine it’s a stormy night, and the power has gone out. You’re sitting in the dark, feeling anxious and helpless, when suddenly you hear the reassuring hum of your Generac generator starting up outside.  With a sense of relief, you make your way to the generator, only to be greeted by a yellow warning light.

Honda EU2200i Spark Plug Replacement, Honda EU2200i Spark Plug,

DIY Guide: How to Replace Honda EU2200i Spark Plug

As a proud owner of a Honda EU2200i generator for several years now, I can say that it has been a reliable and efficient source of power for all my needs.  One thing that I’ve learned during my time using this generator is the importance of regularly replacing its spark plug.  The spark plug is

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Generators

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Generator

Power outages can be a real hassle, especially when there’s a disaster, but with a generator, you can keep the lights on and the appliances running. However, generators can also pose a serious health risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if not used properly. One of the most common sources of carbon monoxide in the home

How to Reset Generac Generator

How to Reset Generac Generator in 7 Easy Ways

Power outages are a major headache, especially when you need to keep your lights on and appliances running. That’s why it’s important to have a backup generator that can keep these appliances running smoothly during these times. On the other hand, Generac generators are a popular choice among homeowners due to their reliability and efficiency,

Generac generator overcrank errors

How to Clear Generac Generator Overcrank Errors 

Mostly during weather changes, whether from heat to cold or cold to heat, the Generac generator  does show overcrank errors. And not only do Generac generators experience errors like this, but other traditional generators like Onan or Kohler also bring out these kinds of errors called overcrank. While your Generac generator might experience these overcrank

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