FAQs: What is the Cost of Generac Power Cell?

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Are you considering investing in a Generac Power Cell solar inverter system but struggling to determine the true cost of the product? With so many different pricing options available online, it can be challenging to identify which prices are genuine and which may be misleading. However, you can rest assured that I have thoroughly researched this product to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of its price, benefits, and advantages over other systems.

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Generac Power Cell?

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As there is no specific price for this product, the price varies from one country to another and from one marketer to another.

The asking price of a Generac Power Cell ranges from $10000 to $18000. Anyway, there are so many factors that determine the price in each geographical area, such as the cost of transportation.

The cost of a Generac power cell can be determined by the size of the battery package you want. There are various packages for batteries, with as few as 3 battery modules for up to 9 kWh of capacity and 4.5 kW of output, all the way up to a 6-module configuration providing up to 18 kWh of capacity and 9 kW of output.

To get the full package of Generac Power Cell with 6 batteries, the price goes as follows:

For small cells

Price of the Cell ($10000) + Price of Additional 3 Batteries ($2000 x 3) + Installation Price = $10000 + $6,000 + installation fee, which gives a total of $16,000 (installation fee excluded).

For large cells

The price of the cell is $18000 plus the price of 3 additional batteries ($2000 x 3) and the installation fee is $6000, which gives a total of $24000 with the installation fee excluded.

That implies that the average cost of a generic power cell (6 batteries) ranges from 16000 USD to 24000 USD.

In addition, the installation fee varies geographically. And each additional battery costs $2000.

Does Generac Power Cell Worth the Price?

Generac Power Cell is undoubtedly one of the best solar systems, as it comes with several amazing features. It is quite expensive compared to its rival product (the Tesla Powerwall), but it is worth the high price allowed for it. A few of these amazing features are 

1. Monitoring Mobile App: You can manage and minimize your power usage with just a click on your mobile phone. The app will forecast your billings and total power usage and suggest the most efficient way to minimize your billing.

2. Flexible Battery Replacement: It’s very easy to add and replace batteries, unlike the Tesla Powerwall. Homeowners can change the battery and replace the old one with a new one without having any technical skills. This saves the cost of calling an engineer.

3: Efficiency: It is tested and proven to be at least 10% more efficient than the Tesla Powerwall.

4. Warranties: It has a 10-year warranty on any damages, excluding those caused by improper handling by the homeowner.

5. Battery Life Span: The battery lasts for 10–15 years before it becomes weak, which makes it serve better than any solar inverter system.

What Does a Generac Power Cell Entail?

The Generac Power Cell comprises all these major components as part of its working system.

1. PWR Battery Cabinet: It is designed to fit configurations of any size.

2. PWR Inverter: It serves as the bridge between electrical energy and solar energy. It converted the power generated from solar energy into electrical power.

3. Battery: The Generac Power Cell batteries come in various sizes and capacities ranging from 8.3 KWh to 17.1 KWh. It has an average lifespan of 10–15 years.

4. Smart Management Module: It is built to prevent overload and help maximize the average usage of the power system.

5. Automatic Transfer Switch: It could have been a headache and even more harmful to switch from one source of power to another. That’s why Generac Power Cell comes with an automatic power transfer switch. It switched from the grid system to the battery power automatically.

The Cons Of A Generac Power Cell

Generac Power Cell comes with some disadvantages more than Tesla Powerwall.

1. It is more expensive than its competitor (Tesla Powerwall). It comes with an average price of $10000–$18000 to acquire Generac Power Cell, while it requires an average price of $12000 to get Tesla Powerwall.

2. It is not user-friendly compared to the Tesla Powerwall. It requires deep technical know-how to operate Generac Power Cell, and it’s not so easy operating it, unlike Tesla Powerwall.

3. It can’t power Tesla Electrical Vehicles (EVs). Unlike the Tesla Powerwall, the Generac Power Cell can’t power any products of Tesla Electrical Vehicles.

4. It discourages cross-branding usage. Parts such as batteries, inverters, solar panels, e.t.c., from other manufacturing companies can’t be used with Generac Power Cell as it requires its brand of part materials. That implies it requires a huge amount to make a replacement in the solar system.

Tesla Power Wall vs. Generac Power Cell

Tesla Power Wall VS Generac Power Cell,
Tesla Power Wall vs Generac Power Cell

It’s quite difficult to choose between these two solar inverter systems, as they are both amazing inventions. After all, some key points can help you make a judicious decision on which one you should go for. The comparison below shows the difference between the Generac Power Cell and the Tesla Powerwall.

Let’s compare and contrast the cost and specs between this amazing Generac PWR cell and Tesla Powerwall based on Forbes’ analysis.

1. Cost

GENERAC POWER CELL is around $10000-$18000, while TESLA POWERWALL is $12000.

2. Power Capacity (kWh)

GENERAC POWER CELL has 8.3-17.1 kWh, while TESLA POWERWALL has 12.8-13.5 kWh.

3. Battery Size

GENERAC POWER CELL is 24.5×19.25×8, conversely, TESLA POWERWALL is 45.3×29.7×6.1.

4. Battery type

GENERAC POWER CELL battery type is a Lithium battery module in each cabinet, while the TESLA POWERWALL is a Lithium-ion battery with liquid thermal control.

5. Power (KW)

GENERAC POWER CELL KW is around 3.5-6.5, while TESLA POWERWALL is 5.


Generac Power Cell is an amazing solar inverter system that’s suitable for home use. It comes with an amazing inverter system, which makes it both useful during the day and at night. 

During the day, it supplies power to the home through solar radiation and gives out power stored on the battery during the night.

In addition, Generac Power Cell comes with 3 replaceable batteries that can be upgraded or downgraded to lower power capacities with a powerful automatic transfer switch that automatically changes the power from grid outlay to the battery system.

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