Ohio Real Estate License Lookup: How to Find Out if Your Agent is Licensed

When looking to buy a home, you may not think twice about whether your real estate agent has an Ohio real estate license. If they do, great! If they don’t, then you might want to find one who does, and quickly to avoid being scammed. 

Fortunately, there are several quick and easy ways to determine if your agent is licensed and in good standing with the Ohio Division of Real Estate so that you can feel safe buying the house of your dreams (or selling the one you already have).

Hence, in this short blog post, I will be showing you different ways how you can look up a real estate license.

Here’s how you can find out if your agent is licensed.

  • Then you proceed to add your agent’s name and license number, and all you need to verify if they are licensed. If they are, the portal will prove that to you.

Doing this process would enable you to know they are licensed. You can also, therefore, visit to know if they are verified if the other link is not going through.

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By Abdulmajeed Abdulwasiu

Abdulmajeed Abdulwasiu is the founder of Generator Hacks, a writer, student, generator consultant and generator mechanic. He has 7 years of experience repairing generators, which he learned from his uncle, but naturally, he’s a writer. He loves reading, and writing and hence if he’s not repairing generators he’s writing.

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