Cummins Diesel Generator

Cummins generator warranty

Cummins Generator Warranty: Options and Coverages

Cummins generators are among the most trusted and reliable choices for power generation. Whether you need backup power for your home, business, or recreational vehicle, or you need prime or continuous power for your industrial, agricultural, or marine applications, Cummins has a generator that suits your needs. Cummins generators are designed and built to deliver […]

Cummins Diesel Generator Engine Oil Type

Cummins Diesel Generator Engine Oil Type and Recommendation

What oil does a Cummins diesel take? This is a question asked by almost everyone using a Cummins diesel engine type of generator. However, to stop individuals from asking the same questions always, Cummins themselves have recommended two different types of oil for their diesel engines to keep them running efficiently. Therefore, to know more

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