Are you having difficulties using or managing your generator? Or do you want to service your generator, but you can’t find any better generator mechanic than to do it yourself?

Or let’s say you want to buy a generator but you don’t know which one is good for you.

If any of these are what brought you to Generator Hacks, then you are at the right place. 

Generator Hacks is created with the purpose to help generator owners on how they can manage or service their generators. It’s also created to guide users finding it hard to buy generators that will work well for them.

Here in Generator Hacks, we offer the following services which include:

  • Dishing out quality content to help generator owners.
  • Answering questions bothering users about their generators.
  • Providing generator services for nearby users.
  • And lastly, dishing out a manual guide for users buying new generators.

Founder of Generator Hacks

What good will it do without you knowing the founder of Generator Hacks? How are you going to be sure you are at the right place to solve issues with your generator?

Well, here you will get to know the person behind Generator Hacks.

generator hacks
Founder of Generator Hacks.

Abdulmajeed Abdulwasiu is the founder of Generator Hacks, a writer, student, generator consultant and generator mechanic. He has 7 years of experience repairing generators, which he learned from his uncle, but naturally, he’s a writer. He loves reading, and writing and hence if he’s not repairing generators he’s writing. 

So, if you are having any issues with your generator and can’t seem to get any help, you contact us using our contact us page. We reply to messages within 24 hours.