Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are essential piece of machinery used in emergencies or during times of power cuts. In this category you will learn all you need to know about diesel generators ranging from its maintenance to buyers guide.

Diesel Generator VS Gasoline Generator Generatorhacks.com .ng

Diesel Generator vs Gasoline Generator: The Differences

Going through the replies we got from our newsletter, we found out that a lot of our audience doesn’t truly know the differences between gasoline generators and diesel generators.  They don’t know how they function and what places the two can be used and not used except that one is for diesel and the other […]

Onan generator starter problems

How to Troubleshoot Onan Generator Starter Problems

Have you been trying to start your Onan generator, but it’s not starting? You have tried diagnosing the issue but cannot find the actual cause. Onan generator starter problems refer to issues that prevent the starter from effectively initiating the engine’s rotation, leading to difficulties in starting the generator.  Onan generator starter problems are mostly

Diesel generator black smoke, generator black smoke, why is my diesel generator blowing black smoke, black smoke from diesel generator,

Diesel Generator Black Smoke? Here’s How to Fix It

Okay, let’s get this right. You started your diesel generator, but after a minute, there’s a plume of black smoke rising into the sky, and the environment is disturbed by it. You tried all you could, but all your efforts were in vain, and it couldn’t seem to stop. But instead, it kept on increasing

What is the best diesel generator for home use, diesel generator,

FAQs: What Diesel Generator is Best For Home Use?

As a homeowner, it’s important you prepare for any situation that may arise. Whether it’s a power outage cause by natural disaster or a technical issue with the grid, having a reliable backup power source can be a lifesaver. And one option that many homeowners turn to is diesel generators. Diesel generators are use in

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