Generator Scrap Value: Learn How Much Will Your Generator Worth

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Are you thinking about scrapping an old generator that has spent years in your store without usage? Or are you wondering how much it’s worth in the scrap market?

The value of a generator ready for scraping depends on different factors including, the type of the generator, size, conditions, and even the demand for scrap metals in the scrap market.

So, understanding these different factors involved in scraping a generator would help you make informed decisions about when and how to dispose of the generator and also potentially maximize the financial returns you receive from selling it for scrap.

Hence, in this article, I’ll explore the factors that can impact your generator value and also provide helpful tips for determining the value of your generator for scrap yourself.

In addition, whether you are an individual looking to dispose of a small generator or a business with a fleet of generators to scrap, the information provided here will help you understand how the scrap market works when it comes to generators and also how you can get the most value for your generator.

Generator Scrap Value: What Does it Means

Let’s say, you have had a generator in your store for more than 10 years now and finally, you want to sell it out for some reason. The amount you intend selling it is what we describe as generator scrap value.

For further understanding, generator scrap values refer to the financial value of your generator when no longer in use and being sold for scrap metal. And understanding the value of scrapping your generator can help in an environmentally responsible and financially beneficial way.

For instance, knowing the value of your generator for scrap can help you and a lot of individuals and businesses to make informed decisions about when to dispose of their generators and how to do so most cost-effectively and responsibly.

It can also help you in understanding the potential financial return you may receive from selling their generators for scrap, especially for businesses that use generators as a key part of operations, as they might need to budget for the cost of disposing of their generators and replacing them with new ones.

Factors That Impact Generator Scrap Value 

Earlier in the article, I listed some of the factors that impact your generator scrap value, which start with the type and size. However, here, I’m going to elaborate on how these factors can impact the value of your generator and also ways you can use them to your advantage when scrapping off your generator.

1. The Type And Size Of The Generator 

One of the main factors that impact the scrap value of your generator is the type and size of the generator you are scraping off to the scrap market.

There are different types of generators, and these generators are made from different materials and can also vary in size which in turn affects their scrap value.

For instance, a generator made from valuable metals such as copper, aluminum, or brass, may have a higher scrap value or price than those made from less valuable metals such as steel or iron.

And similarly, for the sizes, larger generators may also have higher scrap value or price due to the increase in the number of valuable metals they contain. 

2. The Condition Of Your Generator 

Another factor that impacts the scrap value of generators is the condition of the generator. Generators that are in good working condition may have a higher price than those that are not in good condition.  For instance, those that are damaged or broken.

However, in most cases, even the damaged generators still have some higher scrap value than the ones in good condition, depending on the extent of the damage and the value of the metal contained within the generator.

3. The Demand For Scrap Metal

The last factor that impacts the scrap value of generators is the demand for scrap metal in the market. In this case, if there’s high demand for a particular type of scrap metal, for instance, copper, the value of generators made with copper-enameled coils will be higher.

Conversely, if there’s a low demand for copper in the scrap market, the value of generators made of copper will also be lower.

So, considering these different factors will help in increasing or decreasing the scrap value of your generator. 

How To Determine The Value Of A Generator For Scrap 

So, after knowing the factors that influence the scrap value of generators, it’s also better to know how you can determine the value of any generator for scrap so you won’t feel cheated.

Hence, here are a few tips and guidelines you can follow for determining the value of a generator for scrap:

1. Research The Scrap Metal Prices 

Different scrap metal collection centers have different prices of scrap metals, and one of the best methods to top the game is by looking up the different prices of scrap collectors within your location and comparing their metal prices with each other. This can help you know which collectors to sell your scrap metal for a higher price and also the type of metals with the current high value in the market. 

2. Access The Condition Of Your Generator 

Earlier, I said the condition of your generator can also hike the scrap value of your generator, and accessing if the generator is in good condition, damaged, or broken can also help you in determining the value of your generator for scrap.

3. Identify The Type And Size Of Your Generator 

Next, you can determine the value of your generator for scrap by identifying the type of metal your generator is made from and its size. The information you gathered identifying the type and size can help you get a sense of the potential value of the generator, based on the type and amount of metal it contains.

4. Contact Scrap Yards Or Recyclers

You can reach out to local scrap yards or recyclers to get an estimate of the value of your generator for scrap. Be sure you provide them with as much information as possible, such as the type of metal available in the generator and size of the generator, and also its condition, to get the most accurate estimate.

5. Consider Other Options

Lastly, the value of your generator for scrap is not what you were expecting. Consider other options for disposing of the generator, such as donating it to a charitable organization or selling it to a company that specializes in refurbishing or repairing generators.

My Best 4 Tips For Maximizing Generator Scrap Value 

So, here are my best four tips you can use to be able to maximize your and increase the scrap value of your generator.

1. Properly Prepare Your Generator For Scrap 

Firstly, you should ensure that your generator is ready to be scrapped by making sure your generator is clean and free from any debris or contaminants, such as oil or fuel.

Because by removing all these substances can help increase the value of your generator for scrap as recyclers may need to spend less time and resources to clean and process the metal.

2. Consider Disconnecting And Removing Any Non-Metal Components From The Generator 

If there are any non-metal components such as wiring or any plastic part on your generator, you can consider removing them before scrapping the generator.

This can also indirectly increase the potential value of the generator as also recyclers would not need to spend time separating non-metal components from the generator.

3. Find The Best Scrap Yard Or Recycler

Depending on your location, the price and the current demand for scrap metal in the market may vary. So, what you can do to find the best scrap yard or recycler is by getting quotes from multiple recycling companies within your location for the best price for scrapping your generator.

4. Consider Selling The Generator As A Whole

Lastly, if your generator is still in good condition, you can consider selling it to others in need of it as a whole rather than you scrapping it off in a scrap yard or to recyclers.

This is because it may allow you to get a higher price for the generator as it can be used for its intended purpose rather than being dismantled for its metal content.

Final Thought

After really through this blog post, do you still don’t know what to do with your old generator? Whether to scrap it or not? Don’t worry. You can click on any of the articles below to learn about what to do with old generators.


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