Are Pulsar Generators Any Good?

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“I chose this product (Pulsar generator) because it was easy to assemble and move around. It started on the first attempt and ran smoothly. I haven’t used it for anything yet, but I’m glad I have it for emergencies. It’s also relatively quiet compared to other generators. I’m very happy with my purchase, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable generator.” A verified buyer on Amazon said.

Just like what this Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator Amazon verified user said, I see Pulsar Generators as a generator brand you can heavily rely on when it comes to buying a very good generator. To sum it up, pulsar generators are American-made generators, meaning they are in line with all the safety rules of the American government.

Apart from the comment you read before, there are other comments on the generator brand that prove that pulsar generators are good, which makes them more reliable for the generator owner.

And yes, there are a few issues reported that might make you want to disagree with me on their reliability. One of the issues reported is that some parts of the generator got broken as a result of transportation and other factors that might be a result of unforeseen circumstances from dealer or stores.

Apart from this, the engine pulsar generators used are good, and they can last as long as you want as long as you maintain the engine following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule list.

Therefore, in this article, I will explain in detail why Pulsar generators are good, where they are made, who makes their engines, and how long they last. Let’s get started!

Where Are Pulsar Generators Made?

are Pulsar generators any good
Pulsar Generators 12,000 watt dual fuel generator

Just like every made-in-America product, Pulsar generators are made and assembled in America in Ontario, California. However, their engine and most of the parts they use are made or produced in China.

Despite their parts and engines being made in China, this doesn’t dispute the fact that they are also one of the most reliable brands when it comes to portable generators in America.

Additionally, they didn’t only manufacture portable generators but also other power tools like electric wrenches, battery chargers, and many more.

If you’re curious about the common problems pulsar generators have, you can check out this article here. But one thing I want you to know is that the problems in that article are the same problems you might also encounter with other generator brands. Therefore, do your research before concluding.

Who Makes The Engines for Pulsar Generators?

You already know where pulsar generators are made, but who is the company behind the engine’s production? Pulsar generators are made by a Chinese company called “Ducar Power Equipment Limited,” located in Chongqing, China.

They specialized in making 4-cycle and 2-cycle engines, such as the 212cc engines and the 420cc engines and their kits.

Ducar Power Equipment Limited doesn’t only work with Pulsar when it comes to manufacturing the engines for their generators. They also work together with other top generator manufacturer brands in America that are unknown.

Are Pulsar Generators Safe?

Pulsar generators are 90% safe, depending on where and how they are produced. Pulsar has more than 20 different generator models.

These generators follow all safety rules outlined by the American government, which means they are CARB-compliant, meet EPA standards approved for emissions, and are environmentally safe.

Pulsar generators offer various safety features that make them stand out in the generator industry. Features such as an overload sensor, a low-oil sensor, a voltage regulator, and many more.

Additionally, Pulsar generators are rated below 5% total harmonic distortion (THD). This means that they produce clean power and can be used to power sensitive devices such as laptops, televisions, etc.

Apart from these safety features, their generators also come with various outstanding features, including push-button start, wireless remotes, and Switch & Go technology for dual-fuel models.

Also read about the lastest safety rules for portable generators in USA.

How Long Do Pulsar Generators last?

On average, depending on how well you use and maintain your Pulsar generator, it can last you for a very long time. Let me say about 25 to 40 years and more.

However, generator models like the dual-fuel Pulsar generator, which has a fuel capacity of 8 gallons, can run for 5 hours when you’re using only propane. At the same time, it can also run for 12 hours, estimated using both fuels at 50% load.

Other pulsar generator models are also like that because, even with one gallon estimated, it can run for 12 hours.

To conclude, I will say that Pulsar generators run for an estimated 12 hours regardless of the generator model under 50% load and can also last for more than 20 years when used and maintained properly.

For more information on how long generator can last, check out this article:- FAQs: How Long do Generators Last?

Who Sells Pulsar Generators and Where to Buy Them

You can order your pulsar generator from online retailers and dealers on websites like Amazon, or you can physically visit stores like The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, or Walmart to get the generator.

I don’t know the main reasons why most generator manufacturers in America don’t sell their generators directly from their company websites but leave a chance for reviews from their customers.

But what I know is that you can get the best generator from these online and offline stores. Additionally, you should make sure you research carefully the model of generator you are looking for, as different stores might have different models available and their prices may vary.

That means if you need a standard portable generator, dual fuel generator, or inverter generator, you can get it from any of the stores I mentioned. On average, Pulsar had achieved in manufacturing generators up to 15000 peak watts.

Consequently, ensure you know the exact wattage of the generator you need so you won’t buy a generator that will not be able to run all your appliances.

If you need a step-by-step guide on how to choose the best generator by yourself, I wrote an ebook on that. With this ebook, you will be able to calculate all your appliances, know the right generator to go for, and much more. You can get the e-book by clicking here.

Final Words: Are Pulsar Generators Any Good?

Yes, Pulsar generators are good, especially when you require emergency backup power for your home, office, recreational vehicle, and many more. They are CARB-compliant and follow all EPA standards for emissions. To sum it up, they are also made in America.

Pulsar has various generator models that can be used for various purposes. You can search through their website catalog to see which one is best for you using this link:

Additionally, if you have issues with your generator and need to contact their customer support service or request a part warranty, which is at least 1 year and more if you purchase a new generator, you can do so by contacting the Pulsar customer’s supposed number at (866) 591-8921 or emailing them at [email protected]om.

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