Generac Generator Cranks But Will Not Start

Generac Generator Cranks But Will Not Start

Having a Generac generator at home or for business can be a lifesaver whenever there is a power outage in your area. 

It can also come in handy anytime the need for electricity arises. Although sometimes,  a Generac generator may develop a fault which is likely to result in cranking but will not start making it a challenge to you instead of comfort. 

Generac generator cranks but will not start because maybe it has low oil level, faulty spark plug, dead or damaged battery, carburetor issues, or even ignition issues.

And diagnosing where the fault might be coming from may be tricky, but it’s essential to enable your generator to function effectively. 

So, in this post, we’ll explore why your Generac generator cranks but will not start, steps to fix it, and answers to some faqs on the Generac generators. If this looks like what You’re searching for, dive in deeper; 

Reasons Why Generac Generator Cranks But Will Not Start

There are various reasons why your Generac generator cranks but won’t start, and I’ll discuss them in detail to avoid being stranded the next time such an incident occurs. 

Take a look at them below: 

1. Fuel Issues

Fuel problems are the first reason to look at when your Generac generator cranks but will not start. A Generac generator is likely to develop some faults due to clogged fuel filters, stale fuel, and in some cases, a dirty carburetor. When you’re faced with such challenges, check your fuel tank right away. 

2. Battery Problem

Battery problem is one of the most common reasons a Generac generator cranks but won’t start. This happens when the generator battery is not charged as supposed or when it’s old or worn out.

Also, it may happen or occur that the generator battery does not have enough power to make the generator start. Additionally, in most cases, it can be because the battery wire is not connected properly.

3. Faulty Spark Plug

A faulty spark plug is another reason your Generac generator cranks but will not start. This happens when your generator’s plug is dirty or damaged. This can result from your spark plug not sparking as it is supposed to, hindering the engine from starting. 

4. Low Oil Pressure

Low oil levels in your generator can result in low oil pressure and may hinder the generator from starting. Also, in some cases, a faulty oil pressure sensor can make your Generac generator crank but won’t start. 

5. Ignition System Issues

Ignition system issues are also one of the reasons a Generac generator cranks but will not start. When your ignition system develops a fault, it prevents the spark plug from igniting the fuel and the air mixture in your generator’s engine. 

6. Carburetor Issues

Carburetor issues cannot be overlooked. When your Generac Generator carburetor develops a fault, it can cause it to crank and will not start. This could be due to dirt in your carburetor or a blocked carburetor, which may prevent fuel from getting to the engine. 

Steps In Fixing A Generac Generator That Cranks But Will Not Start

When your Generac generator cranks but will not start, all we discussed above are some of the causes, and you can fix it yourself using the steps below: 

Step 1: Check your generator fuel and oil level and ensure enough fuel and oil is in it. If the fuel and oil is not enough, add more to enable it to function effectively. 

Step 2: You can check the fuel quality to be sure it hasn’t gone bad. Old fuel with dirty particles can make your Generac generator start developing faults. Ensure to drain all the fuel, clean out dirt and refill the tank with new fuel. 

Step 3: Remove the spark plug and check if it’s still in good condition. If it’s not in good condition, cleanse it or buy a new one. Ensure that the spark plug is of high quality and durable. 

Step 4: Check the carburetor to be sure it’s not clogged or dirty. However, if it is, clean it or buy a new one if necessary. 

Step 5: If your Generac generator has an electric starter, you may be unable to power it if the battery is weak or dead. So, use a multimeter and check the battery voltage. You can purchase a new one if need be and ensure it’s of high quality. 

Step 6: Check your Generator’s fuel pump and if it’s faulty, remove it if you can, clean it, and fix it back. You can also buy a new one if necessary.

Step 7: Check the air filter to be sure it’s not dirty. If it’s dirty, remove it, clean it properly, and replace it. You can also buy a new one. If in anyway you buy a new one, here’s How to Change the Oil Filter for Generac Generator [Complete Guide]

Step 8: After trying out all the steps mentioned above and your Generac generator still cranks but will not start, get the services of a professional to help you diagnose and fix your generator.


Can A Faulty Battery Cause My Generac Generator Not to Start? 

Yes, a faulty battery can cause Your Generac generator not to start because it’s the battery that supposed lies power to the starter motor, which in turn cranks the generator engine. 


There are many reasons why Generac Generator cranks but will not start, and we’ve discussed them in detail above. 

Ensure to read everything in this post so you will understand how best to handle situations like this whenever they arise. 

Don’t forget to consult the owner’s manual and troubleshoot accordingly to discover the exact problem with your generator. 

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