Generator Maintenance

Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine Won’t Start When Hot

Diesel Engine Won’t Start When Hot: Troubleshooting Guide 

Diesel engines operate differently from gasoline engines, relying on compression rather than spark plugs to initiate combustion.  One of the problems diesel engine owners mostly face is that the engine won’t start whenever it’s hot, which can be frustrating, especially if you’re using a diesel vehicle and you’re on a road trip or you’re running

Closeup of tachometer near speedometer and oil pressure gauge on colorful dashboard in modern car

Is 40 PSI Oil Pressure Good? 

Your engine is a complex machine with numerous moving parts that constantly rub against each other. To function smoothly and avoid friction that might damage the engine, these parts need constant lubrication with oil.  Oil pressure is the force that pushes this oil throughout the engine, ensuring proper lubrication and preventing wear and tear. However,

Causes of high Engine oil pressure

Causes of High Oil Pressure: Symptoms And How to Fix Them

Let’s imagine you’re driving down the road and notice a warning light flickering on your dashboard – the oil pressure gauge. The needle is steadily climbing, which can be a cause for concern. The oil pressure gauge is a vital indicator of your engine’s health. It measures the pressure of the oil circulating throughout the

Honda EU7000is Problems

Top 9 Honda EU7000is Problems And How to Fix Them

When it comes to portable power solutions, the Honda EU7000is generator is a popular choice among consumers.  Known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and quiet operation, this generator has gained a reputation for delivering consistent power in a variety of situations.  However, like any other generator you find in stores, the Honda EU7000is is not

How to Fix Generator AC Socket, generator AC socket, AC socket,

How to Fix Generator AC Socket

You start your generator, wanting to connect to your generator’s AC socket, but find out it’s burned due to circumstances. You panicked, not knowing what to do. Or let me say, you recently found out that your generator socket had gotten spoiled and your generator repairer or electrician is nowhere to be found. In the

Can You Use Car Oil in a Lawn Mower

Can You Use Car Oil in a Lawn Mower?

If you own a lawn mower, you may already know how important it is to keep it well-maintained and lubricated by using the right type of engine oil for it. But what kind of oil should you use for your mower? Can you use the same oil that you use for your car? Or do

Pulsar Generator Start and Dies

Pulsar Generator Start and Dies: Causes and Fixes

If you own a Pulsar generator, you may have experienced a frustrating problem: your generator starts normally but then shuts off shortly after, leaving you without power. This can happen at the most inconvenient times, such as during a camping trip, a power outage, or a home improvement project. What causes this problem, and how

Overfilling Engine Oil Symptoms

Overfilling Engine Oil Symptoms: What You Need to Know

Note: This article focuses mostly on cars, but you can also implement the same steps for your generator and other engines like tractors, lawnmowers, etc. Engine oil is essential for the smooth and efficient operation of your car. It lubricates the moving parts of the engine, reduces friction and wear, prevents corrosion, and helps cool

Generator gas line installation, gas line installation, gas line,

Generator Gas Line Installation: Complete Guide

Back in February 2021, Texas experienced a huge winter storm that caused a blackout leaving many in darkness for days. While many complain and stay inconvenienced by the blackout, those with generators are less worried. As a result, they already have their generators installed and it’s running smoothly providing the necessary electricity they need. However,

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