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How to Fix Generator AC Socket

You start your generator, wanting to connect to your generator AC socket, but find out it’s burnt due to circumstances. You panicked not knowing what to do.

Or let me say, you recently found out that your generator socket had got spoiled and your generator repairer or electrician is nowhere to be found.

In the midst of confusion on what happened and you not knowing what to do, there’s a power outage and the need for electricity is needed.

If you feel this way and you want to instantly get your generator socket fixed, you don’t have to worry much, because in the article, I will show you how to connect the generator socket without the help of an electrician or generator repairer.

Reason Why Generator Sockets Usually Got Burnt

You plugged in your AC plug to your generator, instantly put on your appliances such as refrigerator, Air condition and many more. You forgot checking if the plug is fixed properly can cause your generator socket to get burnt. How?

Because when you do not connect your generator socket properly it begins sparking and that can cause it to be burnt.

Also, overloading your generator can cause your socket to get burned and if your generator is moving at fast space.

But what are you going to do to avoid your generator socket getting burnt?

Firstly, get a better socket. There are many types of socket you can get online and offline. Most of this socket has its own quality depending on the type of socket you need. 

Secondly make sure you always connect your generator’s socket properly before putting on your appliances to avoid it getting burnt.

Lastly, make sure none of your switch wires get in contact with each other. 

After knowing the reasons why your generator socket can get burnt and how to avoid it, let’s talk on how to fix the generator AC socket yourself if you can’t get in contact with your technician or generator repairer.

Best Ways to Fix Generator AC Socket

If you want to fix your generator AC socket, here is a detailed guide to follow up when fixing your socket.

1. Get the required tools.

If you want to fix your socket, you will need to get the required tools. And if you can’t get them, there is no better way for you to fix it, except you wait for your technician or generator repairer.

The tools that are required of you to get includes; Plier, Screwdriver and 10 or 7 size spinal depending on the one available on your generator.

2. Loose the panel of the generator out.

Panels are the boxes where these sockets are fixed on. And for you to have a better way to fix it, you will need to make use of your spinal tool and lose it.

3. Remove the burnt socket.

The third step entails you to remove the burnt wire from the panel. When you remove the panel, you will find the socket and bolts holding the socket to the panel. Usually these bolts are screws, so a screwdriver will be needed.

Additionally, when removing them, you have to be alerted with the wires—they are usually three, Red, Blue and yellow. However in some cases you will find different colors but there will be yellow.

4. Fix the new socket.

To fix the new socket, the yellow wire is known as the Alt wire. They are mostly fixed on the white side of the socket, while the remaining are fixed at the other golden side.

Note: when fixing your generator socket, make sure your generator is not put on.


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We’d love to keep you updated about your generator 😎

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