What is the EEE Code on a Firman Generator?

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There are many error codes you will come into contact with while using the firman generator and the EEE code is one of them. 

The EEE code on your firman generator means an error code and something is wrong with the generator. 

The unit, when shown such an error code (EEE code), might not be able to produce power anymore. This may be the result of a faulty voltage regulator

A customer chatted me up with this kind of code. 

He said, “He just bought the generator; however, after running for 24 hours, it stopped powering his appliances and home.”

The best I could advise him if he’s still on warranty is not to touch anything on the generator and return it back to the dealer for replacement. 

But if the generator has been running for a long time, I insist you invite a generator repairer to help you diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. 

Nonetheless, if you can’t get any or you’re in the middle of nowhere where there isn’t a professional to help, you should try to fix it yourself. 

Since the problems with the error code are caused by the voltage regulator, I will suggest you first of all reset the generator to check if it still shows up.

If it does, get your toolbox and locate the generator’s alternator, which is usually near the exhaust. 

Loose the two bolts at the cover of the alternator. 

After that, you will find black rubber by your left side; at times, it’s in a silver colour. 

But before that, remove the carbon brush to check if anything is wrong with it. 

What is the EEE code on a Firman generator?
Image of an open alternator displaying the AVR, brush, and stator.

Note: This is just a general guide on how to fix this issue. If you don’t have the technical know-how, I recommend you wait for a professional to come over. 

After you have removed the brush, which is accompanied by a red and black wire from the automatic voltage regulator (AVR), check and find nothing. It’s time to also check the AVR.

At most times, if your voltage regulator gets damaged, you won’t know because it doesn’t show any signs. At the same time, you might also find out quickly if something is wrong. 

But what you can do best is get a replacement to know if it’s really the cause. 

Once you have gotten the replacement, change the AVR according to the way it was before. 

It’s important to note that at times, after changing your AVR, it might generate low voltage or high voltage even when the generator is running at a normal speed. 

There’s a way you can fix this issue using a very tiny screwdriver.

Check around the AVR; you will find a tiny bolt. Tighten it if you want to increase the voltage of your generator, and lose it otherwise to reduce the generator voltage.

I hope this answers the question of what the EEE code is on the firman generator and how you can fix it. 

If you want a detailed video guide on how to change the AVR on a generator, check out the video below. 

And also, don’t forget to comment if you have any issues regarding this or any other problem with your generator. 


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