Best 4.5 KVA Generator in Nigeria [Buyer’s Guide]

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Choosing the generator that will serve you properly is troubling because multiple factors are there to consider before selecting the one that will faultlessly fit your needs and budget. It would be best if you had a generator that could power your appliances at home or in business. Your choice of generator includes a generator that doesn’t make much noise and appeals to your neighbor.

However, even all these considerations listed are not enough to choose the best 4.5 KVA generator that will serve your necessities. Some generators start developing faults a few months after use. Some go as far as being unable to be repaired because the types of parts they use can’t be found in Nigeria, except for new ones that are bought and replaced.

Hence, we will review the best 4.5 KVA generators you can buy in Nigeria, including their features, price, key specifications, why you should choose them, the pros and cons, and what makes each a better choice over others. We also include what they can power and what they shouldn’t power, along with some additional features.

Furthermore, we include a summary highlighting the essential features; we also add some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to satisfy your curiosity about 4.5 KVA generators in Nigeria. Henceforth, this ultimate guide will walk you through the buying process of the best 4.5 KVA generator in Nigeria.

The 5 Best 4.5 KVA Generators In Nigeria

1. Elepaq Gp Elepaq 4.5KVA Key Start Generator – SV8500E2

Price: ₦200,000

Gp Elepaq 4.5KVA Key Start Generator SV8500E2 is perfect for small businesses and homes in Nigeria. It has a handle with two moderate tires used for pushing around. It is a key starting generator with a battery and a manual recoil starting system if the battery isn’t functioning. An original Elepaq can be identified with its unique design. Elepaq SV8500E2 generator is durable and can serve you appropriately. The parts can be found in Nigeria.


  • It has a handle and tire for easy pushing around.
  • It’s very easy to maintain.
  • Its parts are affordable and maintainable.
  • It has an electric starting system and also a manual recoil starting system.
  • Noise levels range from seven meters is 68 dB


  • AC Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Starting Capacity: 4.5KVA
  • Running Capacity: 4.0KVA
  • Voltage Regulation: 220V
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Coil Type: Aluminum 
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air-cooled. 
  • DC Output (Horsepower/ KW): 12V/8.3A
  • Fuel: Petrol 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Dimensions: 715 L × 460 W × 460 H
  • Weight: 55 KG


  • Good for small homes and businesses.
  • Easy to push around and assemble.


  •  Not okay with huge power appliances.
  • Not advisable for indoor use.

2. Sumec Firman 4.5KVA Key Start Generator – SPG3000E2

Price: ₦240,000

The Sumec Firman generator is a product that has proven to be proficient in Nigeria. It is 100% copper, unlike other generators. The generator has a manual recoil starting system with an electric starting system. It has a handle and two tires for easy pushing around. It is reliable and environmentally friendly. Good for small homes and businesses.


  • Low noise level.
  • It can last for 1200 hours
  • Good for small businesses.
  • It’s able to power necessary appliances.


  • Coil Type: 100% copper enameled wire.
  • Single phase
  • Weight: 50 Kg
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air-cooled. 
  • AC Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Starting Watts: 4500 watts
  • Running Watts: 3500 watts 
  • Voltage Regulation: 220V


  • Good for small homes and businesses.
  • Easy to push around and assemble.


  • It should not be used for powerful appliances.

3. FIRMAN 4.5KVA AC6000E2 Generator

Price: ₦450,000

The Firman 4.5Kva AC6000E2 is a fuel-powered generator with a 15-liter tank capacity. It consumes less fuel and can run continuously for 10 hours or more on a full tank, preventing sudden fuel exhaustion. Its tank has a meter that shows how much fuel is left in it.


  • It has a manual recoil starting system and also an electric starting system.
  • It’s easy to push around.
  • It’s a single-phase generator.
  • It can power multiple appliances at once.


  • Li-ion battery, keys, and tires
  • 4.5 starting watts 
  • 3.6 running watts
  • 250 volts 
  • Single phase generator
  • Recoil and electric start
  • Timer Switch
  • 100% Copper
  • Super Silent


  • Good for small homes and businesses.
  • Easy to push around and assemble.


  • Not advisable to power bigger homes or businesses.

4. Sumec Firman FPG3800E2 

Price: ₦230,000

Sumec Firman FPG3800E2 is an excellent value for money, operating at (220V/50Hz): 2800W Max 50Hz. This generator is available as a key start or recoil start, with a dependable built-in AVR and overload protection. A must-have for homeowners and business owners alike.


  • The generator has an electric key starting system with a manual recoil starting system.
  • It’s durable and maintainable. 


  • AC Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Starting Watts: 2800W 
  • Running Watts: 2500W 
  • Alternator Type: Brush, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole, 100% Copper Enamelled Wire
  • Voltage Regulation: 220V
  • Phase Single Phase
  • Engine Type: Max 6.5HP 4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air-cooled
  • DC Output Horse Power/ KW)NONE
  • Starting System: Recoil/Electric/ Remote
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Oil Capacity: 0.6L
  • Noise Level @ 7 Meters 66 dB
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) 725*485*470
  • Weight 45 KG


  • You can carry it around.
  • It can be used in powering necessary appliances.


  • You can’t power a bigger home.
  • Lack of maintenance will damage it.

5. Senwei SV7500E2 Generator 

Price: ₦165,000

The Senwei SV7500E2 Generator is extremely efficient and ensures stable voltage regulation for the efficient and smooth operation of all your electronic devices. It is fuel-powered and has a tank capacity of 15 liters, making it very cost-effective. In a power outage, you will have a dependable backup generator with this generator.


  • It’s lightweight and can be used for traveling.
  • Good for small homes and businesses without powerful appliances.


  • AC frequency: 50 Hz
  • Starting Capacity: 4.5KVA
  • Running Capacity: 2.5KVA
  • Alternator Type: Brushless, Synchronous, 2-pole, Enameled Wire
  • Voltage Regulation: 220V
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air-cooled
  • DC Output (KW): 12V/8.3A
  • Starting System: Electric/Recoil (Manual)
  • Petrol Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Noise Level @ 7 Meters: 68dB
  • Weight: 45 kG


  • Good for small businesses.
  • It is lightweight and has fuel efficiency.


  • Lack of maintenance will make it not last enough.

What to Consider Before Buying a 4.5 KVA Generator [Buyer’s Guide]

4.5 KVA generators are common in the market with different brands. However, when buying one, there are things you need to consider. Hence, here are some things you should consider before buying a 4.5 KVA generator in Nigeria.


The first thing you should consider when buying a generator is its durability. Is it guaranteed to last for at least eight months before developing faults? Some generators don’t last more than three months of usage before they start making noise and blowing white smoke.


How credible is the generator? Are there any bad reviews from buyers? What are they saying about the generator? Posing these questions is essential before paying for a generator.


The coil is what makes a generator. Ignoring this aspect is the same as wasting money. Before you buy a generator, consider going for a 100% copper-enameled wire generator. Copper generators are the most expensive and competitive in the market. But in cases you aren’t able to afford one, go for an aluminum wire. It performs the same function.


If you notice, our list of 4.5 KVA generators is filled with generators from reputable brands such as Firman, Elepaq, and much more. It’s because they have proven to stand out in the market. Although in most cases, other brands might be better, their price will be hard to find for a Nigerian. Hence, go for reputable brands in Nigeria.

Engine Type

The engine type is also important. However, most 4.5 KVA generators have the same engine type.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can a 4.5 kVA generator power?

4.5 KVA generators can power multiple appliances, including pumping machines, refrigerators, irons, televisions, etc. Note; most of these appliances listed shouldn’t be powered simultaneously. For instance, bulbs and televisions with other minor appliances are okay. But bigger appliances like pumping machines can’t be powered with refrigerators; it will damage the generator quickly.

How much kVA generator is required for a house?

The amount of  KVA generator required to run a house is determined by the number of appliances available. Hence, the KVA needed to run a house should be measured by the number of appliances you have.

What size generator do I need for a four-bedroom house?

There are different sizes of generators. And for a four-bedroom flat, a 4.5 KVA generator will be able to power the house if there aren’t powerful appliances. But if there is, a 10 KVA generator would be better for effectiveness.

Final Words

Our guide on 4.5KVA generators revealed the best generators you can buy in  Nigeria. It ensures you buy the best generators that flawlessly fit your needs. That can last you for a long period without developing faults. These generators are amazing, and their parts can be found all over the country whenever they are at fault in the future. Each generator has the same features and specifications, so choosing any from our list will serve you appropriately.


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