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Reasons Generator is Emulating White Smoke

Let me say you have been using your generator for a while now, and you noticed your generator is smoking maybe after oil change and after a while it stops, and sometimes it doesn’t till the generator off itself.

This continues for days—putting oil in your generator crankcase always as you noticed that whenever you put in oil in your generator, it is usually reduced.

Besides, it is bad for the generator to smoke, because it reduces the oil in its engine crankcase, which will hencerth cause your generator to damage. So, to avoid it I recommend you know the reasons as to why generators smoke after oil change.

And in this article, the reasons why generator smoke and what you can do to prevent your generator from smoking will be explained.

Causes of Generator Smoking After Oil Change

There are many causes of generator smoking after oil change, and here I will explain the reasons and recommend possible things you can do to prevent it from smoking white smoke.

1. Pistons and rings.

One of the major reasons of generators smoking after changing oil is its piston and rings. Pistons and rings are found in generators. In which if they are weak and can’t function like before, and the generator will start developing faults such as smoking, not able to power required appliances and much more.

A weakling piston and rings can cause your generator to smoke white, however it’s not mostly the case(other cases will be explained later). 

To know if your generator’s piston and rings is weak, you will notice your oil level is usually low, requiring you to add to it daily before usage.

For you to fix your piston and rings, you have to contact a generator repairer to help with that for some token, while you buy all is needed to make it work.

Additionally, if you did not fixed your piston and rings in time, than you are risking your generator to danger whenever the oil level is low as a result of it smoking.

2. Oil over gauged.

Another reason why your generator can be smoking is that the oil level is over. Which means that you have over gauged your generator’s oil.

And this had lead oil to be in the exhaust or around the piston and rings. So once you put on your generator, you will notice a white smoke and after a couple of minutes it will stop.

But if it doesn’t stop and your oil level keeps going down then you will have to change your piston and rings as explained before.

Although if it stop, and your oil level is normal, make sure you reduced your oil level to it’s normal level to stop such to repeats itself. 

Because if there’s too much of oil in your generator, it will develop faults such as your generator offing, oil leakage and much more.

Final Thought

I hope it has answered the question about why your generator is smoking and what you need to do. 

If so please leave a comment below. And if not also leave a comment below so I can address it.

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