FAQ: Is It Possible to Run a Generator in the Rain? (Answered)

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Many have asked if it is possible to run a Generator in the rain and whether generator can get wet, or can generators be in the rain.

At times, there will be heavy rainfall that will cause power outages for days. Despite that there’s a power outage, there will still be rainfall, and the need to run a generator in the rain arises.

However, the thing is that generators aren’t allowed to get wet, and it’s not advisable to run a generator in the rain if certain conditions aren’t met. 

And in this article, I will be answering the question of whether generators can get wet or if generators can be run in the rain.

And If they can be run, what are the conditions that need to be met, the types of generators that can be run in the rain and how to run a generator in rain?

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Why is it Advisable Not to Run a Generator in Rain

There are various reasons why it’s advisable not to run a generator in rain. However, despite being not advisable, it is not all generators it applies to. Some are built to be waterproof, that is preventing them from raining. 

These types of generators are mostly big and are outdoor generators, they can power a large number of houses for hours, but in case yours is portable and not waterproof, this is for you.

So, here are the reasons why it’s not advisable to run a generator in the rain if it’s not built waterproof:

It can damage your generator

One of the reasons why it’s not advisable to run a generator in rain is that it can cause damage to your generator. For instance preventing it from starting if you want to start it next time, which can be caused by water and a lot more related issues.

It will fill your tank with water

Another reason it’s not advisable to run a generator in rain is that it can cause your tank to be filled with water. Moreover, most believed that their tanks are covered properly and water can’t pass through, which is not so, because no matter how much covered a generator tank is, there will be a water penetration which can in return cause problems to your generator.

Can stop your generator from producing electricity

One of the most important functions of home generators is to provide electricity. And if it can’t then I might say the generator is not useful. And running your generator in rain can cause your generator to stop generating electricity.

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What Are The Conditions To Be Met In Other to Run a Generator In The Rain

Earlier, I stated that you can run a generator if certain conditions are met. And I’ve, therefore, also listed some of the reasons why it’s not advisable to run your generator in rain except if it’s waterproof.

However, if you insist on running your generator in the rain, there are certain conditions you have to meet before running your generator.

  1. Get a generator cover or house:

If you want to still run your generator in rain, you have to get a cover or house that will prevent it from raining or getting wet. 

  1. Make sure where the generator is there are no partial contacts: 

Some things, most electricity wires have partial contacts which can be dangerous to your generator and you also.

  1. Keep it in an open area: 

To some, they will want to keep their generator closer so it can be prevented from raining. But forgot that generators produce toxic substances that are dangerous to our health. So, it’s advisable if you want to run your generator, make sure it is far from your room.

Types Of Generators That Can Be Run In The Rain

Is there any type of generator that can’t be run in the rain? Well, I don’t think so.

The only thing is that generators aren’t allowed to be wet. And as far as I know, once a generator is prevented from contacting rain, it can be run for several hours. 

And what I meant is that, if your generator is properly covered, it can run in the rain. But if you own a portable generator, make sure it’s properly covered from the rain while you run it.

How To Run A Generator In Rain

I believe you know the reasons why it’s advisable not to run a generator in the rain, and the conditions that are to be met if you still insist on running your generator. 

So here, I will be showing you how to run a generator in the rain. 

Firstly, if you want to run a generator in the rain, find a safe place. A place is free from rain and not close to your window or door.

Secondly, make sure you cover your generator properly. If you own a portable generator that can be carried around and is not waterproof, it will be great if you cover your generator properly without leaving a trace for water to pass through.

Thirdly, make sure that there’s no partial contact with your generator. If this is done, then you can run your generator while it is raining whenever there is a power outage.

And finally, put on your generator.


When there’s a power outage while it’s raining, and the need for you to run your generator in the rain arises, make sure you prevent it from getting wet by covering it properly and checking if there are any partial contacts. 

Generally, Generators aren’t allowed to be wet by all means, make sure it’s thoroughly prevented from the rain and not too close to your window or door.


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