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FAQs: Is it Safe to Use Extension Cords With Generators?

Is it safe to use extension cords with generators? Yes, using extension cords with a generator is safe, but it all depends on the type of extension cord you are using and what you are powering.

Whether you want to use the cord for indoor activities or outdoors, you must know the capacity of what you are powering and the kind of extension cord you should use.

However, to use an extension cord with your generator without issues, this article will discuss the kind of cord you use and how long it should be.

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What kind of extension cord should I use with a generator?

There are different types of extensions you can find both online and offline. On the other hand, these cords have different features and specifications.

However, it is easier to get a better extension cord for your generator, particularly a powerful one. There are 10 amp extension cords, 15 amps, and more. But using a preferred type of generator all depends on what you are powering, as said earlier.

In contrast, to power bigger appliances far from you, you will need a thick, strong, and longer cord—for instance, a 6-gauge extension cord up to 50 amps with a maximum of 12,500 watts.

Although, before getting one for yourself, it would be best to contact your electrician or generator mechanic for advice on which cord to use.

How long of an extension cord can I use with my generator?

It does not matter how long the extension cord is available because most generator brands come with their extension cord. But what matters most is the distance between your generator and your house or what you are powering.

So, if the distance between your house and what you’re powering is far, you’ll need a longer cord.

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Can you use regular extension cords with generators?

No, you can’t use regular extension cords with generators because they won’t work and might damage both your generator and the cord. So, whenever you try to use a cord with your generator, try getting the recommended cord. You can get them on Amazon.

Do you need to ground a generator if you use an extension cord?

There is no need for you to ground your generator whenever you are using an extension cord. 

Final Thoughts

When you want to use an extension cord with your generator, it’s safe. But make sure you have a better one whenever you’re powering a bigger appliance. 

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