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3 Phase Generator Rental Cost [Complete Guide]

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Three-phase generators are more costly than any other generators you want to rent. Whether on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. Besides, there are also one or two-phase generators available to rent when needed. However, if you want to rent a three phase generator, you have to budget from at least $230.

What You Should Know About 3 Phase Generators Before Renting Any.

It costs more to rent a three-phase generator than a single or double-phase generator. Because the amount of power it generates is much stronger than the others.

Also, it can transfer power to at least three locations, unlike the other generators with a single or double phase. Moreover, these types of generators work only with diesels; There’s no way you can find a three phase generator that doesn’t work with diesel.

When using a three phase generator, you should enable diesel doesn’t get to finish before you can refill it. Thus, it can cause the generator to stop working until you consult your generator engineer, which in most cases might cost you a small amount of money. Always conserve diesel whenever you rent a diesel or three-phase generator. 

Additionally, these types of generators aren’t portable generators that can be carried around casually; that’s why it’s more costly than others in most cases. Also, you should make sure your generator mechanic is around when the generator is running to detect if any issues are going on. 

How Much Will A Three-Phase Generator Cost Compared To Others?

Renting or buying a three phase generator costs more than any generator you can think of because these kinds of generators aren’t portable and can’t be carried around casually as I said earlier.

Three-phase generator cost varies accordingly by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers want to take care of everything for you without issues and, in return, charge more. They will take care of the installation, transportation, lubricant, and also the diesel for running the generator, so you don’t have to worry much.

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In conclusion, the average amount you can rent a three phase generator without the transportation, installation, maintenance and much more won’t be less than $200 per day.


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