FAQs: What Will A 2000 Watt Generator Run?

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Some 2000-watt generators have the capacity to power water pumps/boreholes, refrigerators, electric stoves, and even irons only if they don’t exceed the generator’s wattage.

When it comes to camping, tailgating, and providing backup power during outages, a 2000 generator will go a long way in helping you during this period. 

But what will a 2000 watt generator run when you are out tailgating or want to use it at home or for your business without exceeding its wattage?

In this article, I’ll help by providing a detailed explanation of all you need to understand about watts and appliance power consumption. Also, how you can calculate your appliance’s watt so it does not exceed the generator’s wattage? 

Understanding Watts And Appliances Power Consumption 

For you to determine what a 2000 Watt generator can run, it’s important you first understand the concept of watts and how they are related to the electrical appliances and devices you use every day.

If you did physics in your high school or secondary school, you will understand what I meant when it comes to watts. But if you didn’t, here’s a short explanation of what it meant.

Watts is known to be the unit of power that’s consumed by an appliance or device. So the higher the wattage, the more power the appliances or device is required to operate on.

For instance, if you have a 2000 watts generator, it can power all appliances you have and it doesn’t exceed 2000 watts. But how can you know your appliances don’t exceed that? You can do so by determining the watts of your appliances and devices.

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Tips For Determining The Wattage Of Your Appliances And Devices

Determining your generator’s watts is a good idea before you consider using them for a generator.

And as was said earlier, since your appliances’ watts don’t exceed the estimated watts of your generator you are free to use them on your generator to avoid damaging it.

With that in mind, the following steps will help you in determining the actual watt of your appliances.

  • Firstly, list out the number of appliances you want to power with the generator.
  • Secondly, check each of the appliances’ owner’s manuals for the actual watt of the generator. If you can find it there, you can make use of online tools like Google.
  • Lastly, use a watt calculator to calculate all your appliances. In cases where the appliance watt is in an amp, you can still use the calculator to transverse it into watts and calculate them all together.

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What Will A 2000 Watt Generator Run?

With a 2000-watt generator, you can run small appliances, electronics, lights, and even power tools.

But first, read the following guide:

Small Appliances 

A 2000-watt generator can power the following  small appliances;

  • Microwave (800 watts).
  •  Coffee maker (900 watts).
  •  Toaster (800 watts).
  • And a portable air conditioner (1200 watts). 

The listed appliances typically have a wattage of 500 watts or less than 1200, so they can be powered by a 2000-watt generator simultaneously.


For electronics, a 2000-watt generator can also power a variety of items, such as;

  •  A television (100-200 watts).
  •  Laptop (50-100 watts).
  • And even portable speakers (50-100 watts).

 These devices typically have a wattage of 100 watts or less than 200 watts, which means that isn’t up to 2000 watts if you add all of them up. As a result of that, they can also be powered by a 2000-watt generator.


A 2000-watt generator can power several lights, such as;

  • LED bulbs (10-15 watts) 
  • Or compact fluorescent lamps (20-30 watts). 

These lights typically have a wattage of 10-30 or 50 watts, with that, a 2000-watt generator can power a lot of them at once.

Small Power Tools 

Lastly, a 2000-watt generator can also power small power tools such as;

  • A drill (700-1000 watts).
  • Saw (1000-1500 watts).
  • Blender (600-900 watts). 

These tools typically have a wattage of 1000-1500 watts, so they can be powered by a 2000-watt generator as long as they are not being used simultaneously.

However, not only power tools but small appliances that are more than 500 watts. If you’d want to use them, make sure you don’t use more than the number of the generator watt.

For example, if you are using a 2000-watt generator to power a drill (700-1000 watts) and a saw (1000-1500 watts), the total wattage being used is 1700-2500 watts. This exceeds the wattage capacity of the 2000-watt generator, which can cause the generator to overload and potentially malfunction.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to only use one power tool at a time with a 2000-watt generator or to use a generator with a higher wattage capacity if you need to use multiple power tools simultaneously.


When it comes to using a 2000 Watt generator to power your house or business, make sure you don’t use a total number of appliances or devices that’s more than 1800 watts.

This is because it will cause the generator to develop early faults and can cause damage. Hence if you are to power an appliance of 1200 watts with light that has a total of  500 watts making it 1700 watts, it’s okay for your generator.

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