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FAQs: How Much Gas Does A Generator Use?

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Is it necessary for you to know how much gas a generator uses if the generator is serving you well? Guess not. But for the avoidance of doubt, the amount of gas a generator uses depends on the number of appliances you are running the generator with. 

That explanation might be confusing. But for you to understand properly, read till the end of this article, as I will walk you through the total amount of gas a generator uses, the reasons why some are more expensive, and also how you can keep the cost of gas for generators down, given why they’re fluctuating.

However, when it comes to generators, one of the important things you should consider first is how much gas the generators use. This is because when a generator uses more gas than its estimated capacity, it will be frustrating and you won’t enjoy it. 

Therefore, understanding how a generator consumes gas is important for keeping enough gas on hand whenever an emergency occurs.

How Much Gas Does A Generator Use?

The amount of gas used by a generator depends on the wattage of the generator. Hence, to calculate or know the amount of gas a certain type of generator will consume for some time, you can make use of the gas generator fuel consumption calculator provided by R&T Power Systems.

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Factors That Determine How Much Gas A Generator Use

When it comes to knowing the amount of gas a generator uses, you should know a lot of factors that also contribute to it. For instance, you can’t compare a smaller generator to one that consumes the same amount of gas as bigger generators. 

And if such a thing like that happens, professionals would say your fuel pump or tap is having a problem or there’s a need for you to change it. Therefore, what are the various factors that determine how long gas will last in a generator?

  • Type of fuel used: According to Energy Education, there are different types of fuel, and each has different densities. which means that they contain different amounts of energy per unit of volume. For instance, propane is said to have a higher energy density than gasoline. So, a generator using propane will consume less fuel than one using gasoline.
  • The amount of appliance on the generator: the more power your generator produces, the more it will tend to consume. That’s why it’s important that you only run your generator at the minimum power output necessary for the task at hand and not unnecessarily overload it.
  • Operating hours: The longer you run your generator, the more fuel it will consume. 

  • Size of the generator: The larger the generator, the more fuel it will consume. This is because larger generators have more power output, which means they need more fuel to keep running.

Other factors that might also affect the amount of gas used by your generator include a lack of maintenance and servicing. If you maintain and service your generator efficiently, it will use less fuel and work as usual compared to those that are not maintained or serviced.

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Steps to Minimize the Amount of Gas Your Generator Uses 

When you have been using your generator and you notice the gas has suddenly finished in no time, there are some steps you can take to minimize the amount of fuel your generator consumes. Among those steps include:

  • Use a generator that’s the right size for your needs. Earlier, we listed that the size and appliances also determine the amount of gas your generator uses. So, if you’re using a small or portable generator for larger items like an iron, microwave, etc., then you might have to stop it or go for a bigger generator that can power those larger items or appliances without issues.
  • Run the generator when needed. Whenever you aren’t using the generator for something useful, try to turn it off. This will help minimize the amount of time the generator runs.
  • Lastly, consult a professional: If you have tried all you can do but your generator is still consuming more gas steadily than before, then you should contact a professional. However, if you don’t have any to contact, you can send an email through our contact form page for some consultation on what to do concerning the type of generator you are using.


When it comes to knowing how much gas a generator uses, it doesn’t matter what you read online. But what matters most is how well your generator is working and what you are powering with it. However, whenever you notice that your generator is consuming more gas than expected, instead of asking questions, consult a professional from your local area or send an email using our contact us page.


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