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Cummins Diesel Generator Engine Oil Type and Recommendation

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What oil does a Cummins diesel take? This is a question asked by almost everyone using a Cummins diesel engine type of generator. However, to stop individuals from asking the same questions always, Cummins themselves have recommended two different types of oil for their diesel engines to keep them running efficiently.

Therefore, to know more about these oils, in this article we’ll discuss the different types of oil that can be used in a Cummins diesel generator engine and the factors you should look out for when considering choosing the right oil for your generator.

What Oil Does A Cummins Diesel Take?

As you may know, Cummins engines are popular for their durability and reliability when it comes to performing their duties in keeping companies and homes safe from power outages. 

Cummins, on the other hand, is known all over the world for its engines. In short, when it comes to manufacturing diesel engines, they are the best and most respected in the world.

However, when it comes to oil, Cummins diesel takes in different types of oil for their engines, and at the same time, they already recommend the types of oil every Cummins diesel engine oil must use for their engines to perform at their best.

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So, with that in mind, the recommended oil you can use for a Cummins diesel engine is 15W-40 oil, and that is for whenever there’s a temperature above 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and at the same time, a 5W-40 oil is recommended whenever the temperature is extremely cold. 

This is because the 15W-40 oil helps the generator be lubricated properly whenever the engine is working faster. And as you already know, Cummins diesel generators run faster than other generators that aren’t diesel, so to prevent your generator from being damaged, you must use the right type of engine oil. 

However, if you want to learn more about the various types of engine oil we have and how to choose the best one for your generator, you can check out this article by clicking here. Furthermore, what actual oil do Cummins diesel generator manufacturers recommend themselves? 

Cummins Diesel Engine Oil Recommendation

In 2017, Cummins recommended the Valvoline Premium Blue Heavy Duty Oil for all its engines, as they’ve acknowledged having tasted it and seeing its potential for keeping all Cummins diesel engines running efficiently without any issues from things like a lack of the right viscosity of the oil.

However, most of the time, the oil is hard to find in the store, and when you can’t find it at your location, then you might consider choosing another option for oil production for your diesel engine. When such things happen, here are some factors you can consider when choosing engine oil for Cummins engines.

An important factor you should consider is the viscosity of the oil you want to use. The viscosity is the measurement of the thickness of oil and its ability to flow effortlessly in the engine crankcase. 

And for Cummins, like I said earlier, they recommended using an oil with a viscosity of 15w-40 for all Cummins diesel engines. So, when you can find the Valvoline Premium Blue Oil, you can consider going for any oil that has a viscosity of 15W-40. 

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Final Thought 

When it comes to choosing the right engine oil for your Cummins diesel generator engine or any other type of diesel generator, it’s essential you pick the right ones. And as for Cummins, they already recommend Valvoline Premium Blue Heavy Duty 15W-40 oil for all their diesel engines. But in case you can’t find it in stores around your location, you can go for a related oil. 


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