5 Best Generator Engine Oil in Nigeria

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Okay now, you are here because maybe you just bought a new generator, or you just over oil your generator and don’t want to use bad engine oil for it.

Bad engine oil can damage your new generator or the one you just over oil, that’s why you must get the best engine oil for your generator.

However, I may say, there are no bad engine oils, all have their functions and how it’s supposed to be used. While there are engine oils that are good for the hot season, some are better for the cold season. And there are still some that are good for both hot and cold seasons.

Although some brands make sure to stand out in their oil production by producing quality oil products that can serve in both hot and cold seasons. 

Nonetheless, you don’t have to start figuring out which oil brand to go for yourself. I’m here to ease your pain with my years of experience working as a generator engineer and consultant. I’m going to review and show you the 5 best generator engine oil brands in Nigeria, and why they are the best.

For a fast view, here are some of the best engine oil brands you can find in Nigeria.

  1. Mobil 1™ Synthetic Engine Oil
  2. Ammasco Synthetic Engine Oil
  3. TotalEnergies Synthetic Engine Oil
  4. Sumec Firman Heavy Duty Engine Oil
  5. Castrol Synthetic Engine Oil 

So, after checking the five best engine oil brands you can find in Nigeria, let’s talk in detail about why they are the best.

The 5 Best Generator Engine Oil in Nigeria

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Best Generator Engine Oil in Nigeria

1. Mobil 1™ Synthetic Engine Oil

One of the best engine oil brands you can find in Nigeria as well as other countries in the world is the Mobil 1™ synthetic engine oil. The oil is not only good for the generator, but you can also use it for your car, tractor, or anything engine related.

The Mobil 1 engine oil was introduced into the Mobil oil company and brand in 1974, and they have sold and produced millions of oils worldwide. 

Additionally, there are various reasons why I regard this engine oil brand as one of the best in Nigeria. It can be used both in cold and hot seasons. This means you don’t have to worry about your engine overheating. Another reason includes you don’t have to worry about oil reduction except if your piston and rings are having issues.

I have heard a lot of complaints from clients about engine oil reduction when their generator pistons and rings don’t have issues. And the first thing I usually ask is, what brand of engine oil do they use?

You see, the brand of engine oil matters. If you don’t want to be disturbed by oil reduction and engine overheating, you can go for the Mobil 1™ synthetic oil, but the thing is that not everyone can afford this oil because of its price. But if you can, fine.

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2. Ammasco Synthetic Engine Oil

The second best engine oil brand in Nigeria is Ammasco. It’s affordable and accessible in all states in Nigeria. The Ammasco started the production of oil in 1997, a decade after Mobil 1 ™ started its oil production. And recently they are among one of the fastest growing oil brands in Nigeria and also the most demanding.

Ammasco has different types of oil lubricants for all engines. Whether you are using a diesel generator, or you want to use it for your car or truck, you can get the type of oil you need.

The Ammasco engine oil does not cause the engine to overheat. You can use it for your small generator as well as the bigger ones. And lastly, it’s one of the best engine oils that are cheap in the Nigerian oil industry.

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3. TotalEnergies Synthetic Engine Oil 

The next of our best five engine oil brands in Nigeria is TotalEnergies Synthetic Engine Oil. The brand has been established since 1924 and it’s also one of the best oils you can find in the world and not only in Nigeria.

The TotalEnergies engine oils have received many testimonies from Nigeria. And also, most of my clients will personally tell me they don’t use any other engine oil brand on their generator except TotalEnergies oil.

TotalEnergies has different types of oil and all are synthetic, which means that you can use them in hot seasons as well as cold seasons. And again, you don’t have to worry about oil reduction or your engine getting overheated when in use.

The lubricant oil will help keep your generator engine from warning out due to how good it is. However, just like Mobil 1™, the price isn’t affordable. But if you want a quality oil, you can go for the oil as regards, they have been long in oil production and already know how to satisfy their customers.

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4. Sumec Firman Heavy Duty Engine Oil 

As you may know, Sumec Firman is one of the top brands in Nigeria that produces generators. And now, they want to venture into producing oil for generators, cars, tricycles, and many more. This means you won’t be worried about using generator oil that will cause you problems.

This is good news, especially for those using the Sumec Firman generator. However, Sumec Firman has proven to be among the best in Nigeria in terms of the generator, and since they will have to be producing oil too means their oil will be good.

Although I haven’t used Sumec Firman oil for any generator personally, since it’s a new product and can’t be found in all areas of the country. But can be ordered online if needed.

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5. Castrol Synthetic Engine Oil

The last on my list of the five best engine oil brands in Nigeria is Castrol Synthetic Engine Oil. I don’t want to add this oil among the best, because it’s mostly used by car users. But for the fact that car engine oils can also be used in diesel generators and the like, I intend to add it to the list. 

The  Control engine oil company was initially founded in England in 1899. But around that time, the name Castrol Oil wasn’t established until ten years later. And now worldwide and not only in Nigeria, oil is also known to be the best.

Additionally, if you’d have a diesel generator, you can consider going for Castrol Synthetic Oil.

Final Thought

When choosing the right engine oil for your generator, don’t just go for anyone because that’s what others are using. An engine oil can serve you right now and not when needed. So, to avoid all this stress, I have reviewed the best five engine oil brands in Nigeria you can go for. While some are affordable, some aren’t. After all, you want something that will serve your generator seamlessly and won’t cause damage.

After reviewing, let me answer some frequently asked questions concerning using the best engine oil brands in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which engine oil is best for a generator?

Engine oil which is synthetic oil that can be used in both hot and cold temperatures is the best for generators.

What is the best oil for a diesel generator?

Castrol engine oil and Mobil 1™ engine oil can work best for your diesel generator.

What is the best oil for hot weather?

Synthetic oil is the best for hot weather and also, and it can work in cold weather.


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