How to Make a Generator Quiet: 5 Best Ways

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A generator that’s not quiet can be frustrating by disturbing and causing sound pollution to the environment. At times, this sound pollution might cause your neighbors to complain or report to the police how much you disturb them with your generator, which might result in you not using it anymore. 

Even if you go camping, you will want to use a quiet generator that will not disturb your peace and camping activities. However, not only your peace but also with other people around. Hence, making your generator quieter, as cricket is essential for a peaceful environment. 

However, in this article, you will learn why generators are not quiet and how to make a generator quiet in the five best ways.

But for a quick view, here are a few ways to make your generator as quiet as a cricket.

  1. You can put the generator far away from where you are.
  2. You can buy a new generator by replacing the generator with a quiet one.
  3. You can build a sound deflector to reduce noise.
  4. Always ensure you service your generator early, and it can also make your generator quiet.
  5. Lastly, you can buy a new muffler or construct a DIY muffler.

Why is Your Generator Not Quiet?

Brand new generators are usually not noisy, except it has a bigger engine, and they’re probably not a soundproof generator. For a new generator to come as noisy as other older generators, there’s a fault somewhere. But the reasons why generators are loud are for both older generators and new generators. Hence, generators are loud because of their engine and muffler. 


The muffler is known as a silencer or the exhaust pipe of the generator that helps in inducing the noise generated from the generator. If your muffler is broken or has a fault, it can be one of the basic reasons why your generator is not quiet. 


Engines can also cause your generator to be loud, especially when it’s not serviced ( by regularly changing its lubricant oil and more). Generators are just like cars and other automobiles that use Lubricants. Lack of lubricant can make them noisy and also easily get damaged.


There are three bearings inside your generator. One is usually at the alternator and the other two are at the engine side. The lack of lubricants like grease on the bearing side at the alternator and oil in the engine crank can also cause your generator to be loud.

Let’s discuss how to make a generator as quiet as a cricket.

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How to Make a Generator Quiet as a Cricket in 5 Best Ways 

Earlier, I listed the ways to make a generator quiet for a quick view for those who are quick to know the solution.  Now, I will explain in detail how to make a generator quiet in the five best ways.

Here are a few ways.

Buy a New Muffler or Construct a DIY Muffler

Most times, the muffler is the cause of why a generator can be noisy and disturb the peaceful environment. The cause of this, as I said earlier, is maybe that the muffler has had an issue that needs to be fixed. However, in most cases, it will be recommended to change the muffler if it’s:

Build a Sound Deflector

Another way you can reduce your generator noise is by building a sound deflector around the generator. Sound deflectors would stop the generator from being loud, and it will be loud only whenever the generator is not covered with a sound deflector.

However, you can purchase a generator sound deflector from Amazon or contact your generator mechanic to help you create one.

Put the Generator Far Away from You

Another way to keep your generator quiet and not disturb you is to put it far away, but not too far, before it goes missing. Putting your generator far away means you should put it where the noise won’t be disturbing. 

Always Service Your Generator

Generators make use of lubricants to function effectively, and the lack of them can damage your generator. Servicing your generator also will help reduce the sound it produces. However, not all lubricants are good for Generators, but here is the best. We recommend you buy and use it whenever you want to service your generator.

Change the Generator

Change the generator to the quietest generator when you think you have done your best, but the noise can’t just stop. Different portable generators are recently available for sale that don’t make noise and can be used for camping. They are good and can power necessary home appliances and businesses.

Here’s a video of some of the best generators you can buy that don’t make noise. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

So now, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions about generators that aren’t quiet.

Can I put a quieter muffler on my generator?

Yes, you can put a quieter muffler on your generator. But to put a quieter muffler on your generator, you must consider your generator’s muffler size with the one you intended.

Can I make my generator quieter? 

Absolutely yes, you can make your generator quieter by adding a generator muffler silencer or building a sound deflector around your generator. However, there are also many other recommended ways to make your generator quieter.

How do you make a silencer for a generator?

If you want to make a silencer for your generator to reduce its noise, here’s a video on how you make a generator muffler silencer.

Final Words

Having a generator that’s not quite like cricket can cause sound pollution and might also make your neighbors complain or report to the police. Hence, making the generator quiet is essential, and we have listed some of the best ways to make a generator quiet. 


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