Top 5 Generator Installation Company In the UK 

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Looking for where to buy a standby generator and at the same time, they should help you with the installation process to your company or home? 

Well, some companies sell generators but not all help in the process of installing the generator for their customers. However, some aren’t that way, they will ensure you have the best service ranging from buying or even renting to installing the generator for you.

There are hundreds of generator installation companies, especially in the UK, but can you assure yourself to get one that would cause you problems in the future? Guess not, that’s why you need to first read a review of these companies to see how best they can help.

Hence, here at Generator Hack, we have reviewed some generator installation companies, checked their reviews, the services they offered, and lastly what makes them the best according to us. 

To not waste your time, let’s get the deal done by showing you these installation companies.

Top Rated Generator Installation Company In the UK 

1. Hampshire Generators 

The first generator installation company on our list is the Hampshire Generators & Ups Co. They are not only a generator installation company but also sell, service and repair, hire and give consultancy services on the best generators for whoever wants to buy a generator from them. 

They have different top brands of generators, ranging from petrol generators to diesel generators. In short, whatever type of generator you are finding, you can get it from the Hampshire Generators And Ups Co. 

When it comes to the installation part, they are also good. They have trucked and the right instruments so that the generator gets to the right location. Not only that, they are so professional in a way that you won’t have to do anything on the generator because they will also help you check if everything is doing fine and if there are no troubleshooting errors.

So, if you’ve always wanted to install a diesel generator or don’t even know the best generator for your company, business, or house due to an increase or decrease in load, then you can always call the Hampshire Generators installations on their official business numbers at 01329 277246.

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2. Mems Power Generation

Mems power generation is the second top-rated generator installation company you can find on our list. You can locate them at their official site in Beechings Way, Gillingham ME8 6PS, United Kingdom. 

And just like the Hampshire Generators, they also offer similar generator services such as hiring generators for UK residents, consultancy, and also generator maintenance services.

Additionally, with just a call to them that you need a backup generator when there’s a blackout, they can help seamlessly to make sure you don’t experience such. And also, even if you want to buy a generator but don’t know if the generator is going to power all appliances you have or if it’s too big, they can help to check the best for you and which one will serve you right.

With that in mind about the Mems Power Generation, they also have different trucks for standby generators even if your location is far, and when it comes to installation, they have professionals to make sure there are no wrong connections.

So, if you’d want to get in touch with Mems Power Generation, you can contact their official business number for consultancy at 08452 230 400 or you can visit their official website.

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3. ADE Power Generator Installation & Commissioning 

ADE Power is a generator manufacturer located in South Kirkby, England. And since they are manufacturers themselves, they must also be good at generator installation. In addition, you can also find a whole lot of generators, especially diesel generators.

However, when it comes to installing the generator for you, they will make sure they deliver the generator to the site you wanted and also create a good foundation for the generator to make sure, even if there’s rain, it won’t affect the generator.

Additionally, what will be the use of installing a generator and they won’t test or run the wire from the generator to your house or company making sure it powers the necessary appliances needed? It means they haven’t installed anything for you.

So with that, they help with all they can to make sure the generator you are renting from them or buying still is fully operating without issue. And if you’d want to contact them to inquire about the types of generators available, you can do so by visiting the ADE Power Generator Installation & Commissioning official website.

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4. Pleavin Power Limited

Is like all companies listed here are offering almost the same services. But Pleavin Power Limited is somehow different. They mostly focus on the electrical part of generators, although that doesn’t mean they can’t do the mechanical part of generators.

Pleavin Power Limited offers services such as selling generators for those in need, fixing emergency power supply for homes, servicing generators, generator repairs, generator rewinds,s and also helping install generators.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether you want to hire a generator for years, they are always ready to deliver the generator, choose a  location that is best for the generator and help with the installation process.

However, in cases you already have a generator but don’t know the cause, they can also help in that aspect. All you have to do is visit their official site or call their official number at 0800 689 4803.

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5. YorPower Limited 

The last generator installation company that’s among the top-rated you can find in the UK is YorPower Limited. They are located in Sherburn in Elmet. And when it comes to credibility, they have that because the company was formed in 1989 which means they are extremely experienced when it comes to generators.

With that, no matter what type of diesel generator you want to install for your company, business, or home, they can help you. Although that’s not the only service they offer. Services such as the delivery of generators, manufacturing generators, selling generators, and others are mostly what they do.

Lastly, they are mostly involved in diesel generators, but there are possibilities they do less generator installation. However, you can always find out by contacting them through their official website or social media pages before taking any steps.

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Before installing a generator, always make sure you consult professionals who have deep knowledge of generators, as you won’t have to leave your generator in the wrong location which might cause problems in the future. To avoid that, we have listed some of the best generator installation companies you can find in the UK and as well why they are the best. 

These generator installation companies will help in consulting with you on the best place to install your generator and also, help you with the wiring process. After that, all you’ve to do is just to continue running the generator and follow the maintenance rules.


Can anyone install a generator?

No, not anyone can install a generator because of its complexity. With that, you should consult a professional to help you with the process.

How long does it take to install a full-house generator?

Overall, it took at least two days to fully install a full-house generator because of the wiring process and as well getting the right location for the generator.

Can an electrician install a generator?

An electrician can install a generator and at the same time, they can’t if they aren’t professional in the field. This is because electricians already know the right wires to use for installing a generator as well as ways to fix the house switches.


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