Generator Salvage Yard: Where to Find One

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Most of the time, you will not want to buy a new generator part when yours develops a fault; you will want to use a part removed from a generator that’s not in use anymore or has been disassembled.

Some of these generator parts aren’t in production anymore, and the best you can do to access these parts is by using an old part from similar generators. And one of the best ways to get one is by visiting a generator salvage yard.

Maybe you have searched around your locals, and there’s none. However, in this article, you will learn how to get the generator part you want by not only visiting a generator salvage yard but also on online platforms in five simple ways. But first, let’s talk about what generator salvage yards are.

What are Generator Salvage Yards?

Salvage yards are sites where aluminum scrap or types of machinery like tractors, car parts, and other disassembled engines are kept or abandoned. However, when I said it’s a site where machinery is left,  I didn’t mean that all machines left there aren’t working again. They might be working, but since the owners aren’t in use anymore, they intended to sell them to scrap buyers, taking them to the salvage yard. 

In other words, generator salvage yards are also known as a place where unused generators and disassembled generator engines are kept. Moreover, generator salvage yards aren’t commonly known to most individuals but mostly to generator engineers and mechanics, except if they are told to get a part that can’t be found elsewhere. For these reasons, there’s a need for generator salvage yards.

Generator salvage yards are mostly known as junkyards, For instance, recycling companies. If you can’t find any salvage yard around, recycling companies may save some generator parts they think are good and can be helpful. 

How to Get an Old Generator Part Without Visiting Generator Salvage Yard

Generator Salvage Yard, salvage yard
How to Get an Old Generator Part Without Visiting Generator Salvage Yard

Sometimes the salvage yard you find would have the parts you are looking for, or they are far away from you. Whatever the case, do you know that you can always get the part you want, even without visiting a salvage yard? The trick I’m sharing with you here is what I used in getting any part I wanted to fix clients’ generators.

So, let’s get started; what are the ways you can get a generator part without visiting a salvage yard?

1. Use Social Media, Forums, Or Online Platforms 

Platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Nairaland, Twitter, and Quora are great places to get the tools or generator parts you are looking for. And at most times, this is one of the best ways to get the generator parts that I can’t get in my location. What you all have to do is to join groups or forums that talk about the generators or the kind of machinery you are looking for. In these groups or forums, you can ask questions regarding what you are looking for, and those who have the same thing can answer. Note: there are a lot of scammers on the internet, so you will have to be careful with who you are dealing. 

2. Check Small Shops Around or Online Marketplaces 

Another method you can use instead of visiting a salvage yard is visiting an online marketplace that sells old generator parts. You can also see a generator repair shop nearby if you can get any.  One online marketplace I can recommend is Alibaba. With Alibaba, you can sell your generator scrap parts and buy one from there.

However, Alibaba isn’t the only place where you can get old generator parts, there are other online marketplaces like the Facebook marketplace. All you have to do is to navigate through the platform and make your searches just like google. You can find what you are looking for with the owner’s contact.

3. Visit Scrap yards Near You 

In every community, there are scrap yards, and if you can’t find one around means, you didn’t search properly. Although not all scrap yards are supposed to be visited because each scrap yard has what they keep and what they don’t. While some are fond of keeping plastic bags, some are fond of keeping electronic appliances and equipment. But, there are still some you can find that save old generator parts they think can be helpful to others.

4. Ask Your Generator’s Manufacturer 

If you have exhausted all your options in finding the generator part, it will be best to contact your manufacturers to see if they can help you produce the same generator part you are looking for. However, getting them might cost you a lot in the end, and as a matter of fact, it is not advisable. But if you think that is the best option for you, then fine.

5. Manipulation 

Lastly, instead of contacting the generator’s manufacturer, you can purchase a similar generator part you can find around and manipulate it to work for yours. However, following these methods at times, your generator, after some period of working, might start developing the same faults. Moreover, manipulating similar generator parts to work for your generator is the last thing you can try if you have exhausted all options listed above and still can’t find the generator part you are looking for.

Final Thought

Whenever you are looking for a generator salvage yard, there are limited chances you can get what you went there for. However, you can always use the above methods to get the generator part you are looking for. And if you look around and still can’t get the part, it will be better if you dispose of the generator

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