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How To Fix The Generac Pwrcell Error Code 7000

How To Fix The Generac Pwrcell Error Code 7000

Have you ever experienced a power outage that disrupted your daily activities and left you in the dark? If you have, you know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be. That’s why many homeowners are switching to the Generac pwrcell system, a smart and innovative solution that can provide reliable and renewable energy for your […]

How to Make a Venturi Cold Smoke Generator, venturi cold smoke generator,

How to Make a Venturi Cold Smoke Generator

With barbecue season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to learn how to make your own venturi cold smoke generator. This convenient device is a great way to add smoke flavor to your food without having to fire up the grill. This guide will show you how to easily create a cold smoke generator

Kohler RDC2 Controller

How to Replace Your Kohler RDC2 Controller

If you own a Kohler generator, you may have heard of the RDC2 controller. This is the device that monitors and controls the operation of your generator, as well as the transfer switch that connects it to the utility power. The RDC2 controller is responsible for starting and stopping the generator, displaying information and alerts,

Generac Indicator Light

How to Fix Generac Indicator Light Issues

Have you ever noticed that your Generac generator has a status indicator light that changes color depending on its condition? Do you know what each color means and how to fix any issues that may arise? Generac indicator lights are LED lights that show the operating status of the generator. They can be green, yellow,

How to Check Run Hours on Generac Generator

How to Check Run Hours on Generac Generator

When it comes to standby generators on the market, Generac generators are one of the most popular and reliable brands. They provide backup power for your home or business in case of a power outage. However, like any other generator, they require regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure optimal performance and longevity. One of the

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How to Reset Red Light on Generac Generator

Okay, picture this.  You’re in the middle of a power outage, and relying on your trusty Generac generator to keep the lights on and the appliances running.  But suddenly, you notice a red light on the generator that you’ve never seen before. Panic sets in. What does it mean? Is something wrong? Will your generator

How To Clear Generac Error Code 2800,

How To Clear Generac Error Code 2800

Previously, your generator was running fine, but now, it’s showing an error code. But why? You check your phone’s mobile link application only to find an error code 2800.  Or you don’t have the mobile link application on your phone but have to go to the generator control panel to find out it’s showing an

How to Fix a Generator Oil Leak ,

How to Fix a Generator Oil Leak in 7 Easy Steps

I was identified with an immense oil leak from a portable generator, although it can happen for all types of generators. At the end of diagnosing this generator, I found out that the engine crankcase was dried up, meaning there was no single oil in the generator, and that was just a few moments when

How to Manually Start a Generac Generator,

How to Manually Start a Generac Generator

There may be instances when your Generac generator fails to start automatically when the power goes out. This can be a frustrating situation, especially when you’re relying on the generator to keep your home or business powered. Although whenever it fails to start automatically, that’s not the end, because there’s still an opportunity for you

How to fix a surging generator,

How to Fix a Surging Generator in 7 Easy Ways

Generator Hacks as a fast-growing community has been existing for years solving issues on generators and showing generator owners the best ways to fix or troubleshoot their generators themselves, and if they are not able to, we have professionals ready to help.  One issue my audience always complains about their generator is as a result

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