Generac Load Shed Module Humming: Reasons, Causes, and How to Fix It

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Having a generator provides reliable backup power during outages, and helps to ensure the continuity of electrical devices that are important to homes and businesses. 

However, sometimes you may notice an additional humming sound originating from the Generac load shed module. While it might be normal for Humm, it’s usually abnormal in most cases. 

Therefore, in this article, here at Generator Hacks — your top trusted generator blog, we’ll explore the reasons behind the humming of a Generac load shed module and provide practical solutions to address this issue.

What is a Load Shed Module?

A load shed module is an important part of a Generac generator system. Its primary function is to monitor and manage the electrical load, ensuring that power is distributed effectively, especially during times of high demand. 

Working hand in hand with the generator controller, the load shed module prioritizes the distribution of power to essential appliances, preventing the system from becoming overloaded. 

This intelligent coordination helps maintain the stability and efficiency of the generator, safeguarding the smooth operation of important devices and preventing potential damage due to excessive power consumption.

Importance of Load Shed Modules

Load shed modules also play an important role in maintaining the stability of the generator system. Therefore, by managing the power distribution, they prevent the system from becoming overloaded, which could lead to damage or inefficiency. 

Load shed modules help prioritize power allocation to critical devices, such as refrigerators, medical equipment, and HVAC systems, ensuring their uninterrupted operation during power outages.

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What are the Reasons for Generac Load Shed Module Humming

1. Operational Function

The humming sound emitted by a load shed module can be attributed to its operational function. As the load shed module actively monitors and regulates the electrical load, it may produce a slight humming noise. This is a normal occurrence and indicates that the module is actively managing power distribution.

2. Electrical Current Flow

The flow of electrical current through the load shed module can generate vibrations, resulting in a humming sound. As the load on the generator system changes, the module adjusts the distribution of power, causing variations in the electrical current flow. These fluctuations can contribute to the humming noise.

3. Mechanical Vibrations

Load shed modules consist of various mechanical components, including relays, switches, and transformers. When these components engage or disengage during load shedding operations, they can create mechanical vibrations, leading to a humming sound. The intensity of the humming may vary depending on the specific design and quality of the module.

4. Loose Connections or Mounting

Loose connections or improper mounting of the load shed module can amplify vibrations and contribute to the humming sound. It’s important to check all connections to ensure they are secure and tighten any loose wires or components. Additionally, verifying the proper mounting of the module can help reduce vibrations and minimize humming.

5. Faulty or Malfunctioning Component

In some cases, a humming load shed module may indicate a faulty or malfunctioning component. If the humming sound suddenly becomes louder, persistent, or is accompanied by other irregular behavior, it may be necessary to contact a qualified technician or Generac service provider to diagnose and rectify the issue.

Is Your Generac Load Shed Module Having Normal Or Abnormal Humming?

While some humming is considered normal for a load shed module, it’s essential to distinguish between normal operational sounds and abnormal humming. 

Normal humming is typically low in volume and sporadic, occurring only during load shedding operations. 

Abnormal humming, on the other hand, maybe louder, persistent, or accompanied by unusual behavior in the generator system.

So, if you’ve noticed a loaded or unusual behavior from your load shed module, it’s better to diagnose and troubleshoot.

When to Seek Professional Help?

If the humming sound becomes excessively loud, continues even during idle times, or is accompanied by warning lights or error codes on the generator controller, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. 

Certified Generac technicians have the expertise to diagnose and resolve complex issues related to load shed modules and generator systems.

How to Fix a Humming Load Shed Module

1. Checking for Loose Connections

Start by inspecting all connections to the load shed module. Ensure that wires and terminals are securely attached and tighten any loose connections. This simple step can significantly reduce vibrations and minimize the humming sound.

2. Verifying Proper Mounting

Check the mounting of the load shed module. Ensure it is securely attached according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If the module is not properly mounted, vibrations can be amplified, leading to increased humming. Adjust the mounting if necessary.

3. Cleaning the Module

Dust and debris accumulation can affect the performance of the load shed module, potentially contributing to increased vibrations and humming. Carefully clean the module using a soft brush or compressed air to remove any dirt or particles that may be interfering with its operation. Make sure the generator system is powered off before cleaning.

4. Addressing Environmental Factors

Evaluate the environmental conditions around the generator system. Excessive heat, high humidity, or the presence of nearby electromagnetic interference (EMI) sources can impact the performance of the load shed module. Improve ventilation, reduce heat sources, or consider relocating the generator system to minimize environmental factors that contribute to the humming.

5. Professional Maintenance

If the humming persists or becomes more pronounced, it’s advisable to contact a qualified Generac technician or service provider for professional maintenance. They will have the necessary expertise to diagnose and address any underlying issues with the load shed module or the generator system as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a load shed module humming indicate a serious problem with my generator system?

In most cases, a load shed module humming is normal. However, if the humming is excessively loud or persistent, it’s advisable to consult a professional technician to assess the system for any potential issues.

2. What should I do if the load shed module humming persists even after checking connections and mounting?

If the humming continues, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance. A certified Generac technician can diagnose and address any underlying problems with the module or the generator system.

3. Is it normal for the load shed module to vibrate during operation?

Yes, some vibration is expected as the load shed module manages power distribution. However, if the vibration is excessive or accompanied by unusual behavior, it’s best to consult a technician.

4. Can environmental factors affect the humming of a load shed module?

Yes, factors such as excessive heat, high humidity, or the presence of nearby electromagnetic interference (EMI) sources can impact the performance of the module, potentially contributing to humming. Minimizing these factors can help reduce the humming sound.

5. Why is it important to seek professional maintenance for load shed modules?

Professional technicians have the expertise to diagnose and resolve complex issues with load shed modules and generator systems.


A humming sound originating from a Generac load shed module is often a normal operational characteristic. However, it’s important to differentiate between normal and abnormal humming to ensure the generator system’s optimal performance. 

By checking for loose connections, verifying proper mounting, cleaning the module, addressing environmental factors, and seeking professional maintenance when necessary, you can effectively mitigate the humming sound and maintain the reliability of your Generac generator system.

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